John Crombez

P o l i t i c a l   r e a c t i o n s   t o   A M B U S H

John Crombez

Leader of SP.a Socialist Party Flanders, Belgium

Receiving the letter of protest feels like ‘back to the future’. It could perfectly have been written today. Perhaps it should have been written yesterday. Politics has not so much lost its art. Its performance is probably not very well directed. Not giving an ear to the people. Not making clear that their voice matters. People have forgotten that the possibility that the impact of their voice and vote is real. They’ve abandoned this belief.


We all consider the art of politics based on statements, speeches and debates.  However interesting, it’s not all that important. Being president of a socialist party in 2016, what struck me the most is that my party was established more than 130 years ago. A time where workers had no rights, worked for 7 days, were poor and illiterate, and children were workforce. The party began meetings, small groups of people, in order to inform them how, together, they could claim and establish rights. And it did happen. Step by step, with difficulty, and being sacked by no more reason than being a socialist. But they continued. Politicians of my party merely were people that brought other people together, convincing them that together they could do it and merely be the spokespersons of that. Amongst people. Not above people.


The Art of Politics is making people believe that they can realize alternatives, more equality and equity. Constructing a better future for their children themselves. 


The Art of Politics is not the best quote or speech, it is about restoring the conviction that the society is there for the people and is stronger than the structures above it, including politics.


The Art of Politics today is thruthfully being dispensable as a politician.