The Horizons of Joseph

The Horizons of Joseph


Based on a true story of Joseph Kearney. Joseph grew up in Ireland, where his father was the community’s grave digger. One day he had to help his father bury their neighbor, an event which made Joseph feel he had also buried a part of himself. To this confronting memory he finds a release, as the past becomes a possible

future; Joseph arrives to the imaginary New-Ireland. In New-Ireland, he tries to open the grave of his neighbor, but instead he finds a stack of copies of his own birth certificate – a proof to his several parallel existences.


August 2014. End presentation of NDSM residency, Amsterdam. November 11 1936, in London - England, the artist Eric Gill delivered his speech titled And Who Wants Peace?

It was addressed to a group of Christian Pacifists. In his speech, Gill pointed out the entanglement of industrial war, artistic creation and money making.



August 2014. End presentation of NDSM residency, Amsterdam.



R’m Aharoni


In conversation with

Juan Duque



Joseph Kearney



Diego Soifer